Value and Profitability

Automobile dealer profitability is under pressure in this era of reduced sales volumes and highly competitive pricing and dealers across the country are seeking ways to improve profits and add value to the new and used cars.

There's a clear way for your dealerships to boost sales and service department profits, win customers' loyalty by safeguarding their vehicles from road damage and cut the cost and time of reconditioning trade-ins and processing off-lease vehicles: installing transparent paint protection film.

Some dealerships charge as much as $1,299 to apply the polyurethane film to a vehicle’s doors and rear trunk ledge, shielding its finish from scratches, scuffs and chips. Sometimes called "wear and tear protection package," taking less than 30 minutes to complete and offer a markup to the dealership of $299 to $1,299.

Many find that paint protection film is valued by car buyers and adds to the bottom line. Why? Because it’s tangible and practical for your customers. This clear film helps to keep door handle cavities, door edges, bumpers, headlights and mirror backs looking new longer. Even those leasing a new car find value in PPF because the appearance of the vehicle is better preserved, thus reducing the potential for assessed penalties at the end of the lease term.

Money saver

Paint protection film also can help save customers money when they turn in leased vehicles or trade in their vehicle.

Similarly, dealers and vendors say that applying film to a dealership's loaner vehicles helps keep them looking new, holds their value when they are sold and reduces the cost to recondition them.

Grow your accessories program with "Clear Shield" Paint Protection Film

Give your car buyers confidence that their investment will be protected from rocks, scratches, chips, stains and more with 3M Paint Protection Film. Have it installed right at your dealership before they ever drive it off the lot. Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film is our easiest film to install with the highest quality and best warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. CSC Dealer Services provides your dealership with the tools you need to successfully increase your revenue, including:

  • A portfolio of thousands of fit-tested, high quality paint protection film patterns specifically for you vehicle brand
  • An assigned account manager to assist with all your paint protection film program needs
  • Extensive marketing materials to help maximize your penetration, including brochures, desktop displays and floor banners
  • 3M Certified technicians to install 3M Paint Protection Film kits
  • An easy-to-use Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film warranty process

When you are ready to expand your customer offerings and add a new and profitable revenue stream to your accessories program, we have two popular paint protection film programs for you to choose from.

Optional In-House Program

With our Paint Protection Film kits, and your own in-house dealership staff, you will be able to quickly add auto paint protection film to nearly any vehicle you are selling. A 3M Certified Instructor will train your staff and be there every step of the way.

Regardless of which program you choose, 3M and our Clear Shield division will support you in increasing your per vehicle gross.

Why should a car dealership offer "Clear Shield" Paint Protection Film to its customers?

Money Maker

Clear Shield Paint Protection Film is a great revenue enhancer that can generate $395-$995 in gross profit per car. Paint Protection Film can contribute $50,000 to $250,000 MONTHLY to the bottom line of a car dealership which sells 100-250 vehicles per month.

Satisfied Customers

In addition to being a revenue generator, PPF can also enhance your CSI ratings. Post-sale door chips are major complaints among new car buyers, thus driving down a dealership’s CSI. PPF will minimize these complaints.