The company that invented paint protection film just reinvented it.

Paint Protection Film, otherwise knows as PPF or Clear Shield, is nearly invisible protection for the painted surfaces of your car.

The new Professional Grade "Clear Shield" Paint Protection Films have:

  • - Unrivaled scratch and stain resistance
  • - Exceptional clarity
  • - Superior resistance to yellowing
  • - Self-healing technology makes most scratches disappear
  • - Tough, durable, and maintenance-free
  • - 5 year product warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: These FAQs only apply to the new selection of Clear Shield Paint Protection films. If you have any questions about other paint protection films offered by CSC Dealer Services, please send us a message.

1What is Clear Shield Paint Protection Film?

Clear Shield Paint Protection Film offers the ultimate vehicle paint protection. It sets a new industry standard with technology improvements, including superior scratch and stain resistance, outstanding clarity and self-healing properties. Most importantly it has a flexible, clear top coat that has exceptional stretch, which makes it much easier to install and reposition so it can be applied faster and more efficiently.

2How does CSC Dealer Services’ selection of Paint Protection Films stack up on the market?

Our Paint Protection Films provide many featured advantages and benefits over other films:

  • Better clarity - Scotchgard™, LLumar™ and Suntek™ Paint Protection Films are the clearest films and virtually invisible – even on white vehicles.
  • Durable clear coat – The clear coat technology makes our auto paint protection films easier to clean and harder to scratch, which keeps vehicles looking newer longer.
  • Self-healing properties – Innovative technology in the film causes minor scratches to disappear, which keeps the film and vehicle’s finish looking new.
  • Ease of installation – The elastic clear coat and forgiving adhesive give the film maximum flexibility to hug the curves and contours of the vehicle, which makes complex installations faster and easier.
3Why should dealerships offer their customers Clear Shield Paint Protection Film?

Our tough, durable, maintenance-free Paint Protection Film is easy to install, high quality and backed by an incredible multiyear warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. CSC Dealer Services provides your dealership with the unrivaled power and recognition of our selection of brand names beyond Scotchgard™, such as LLumar™ and SunTeck™, along with the tools you need to successfully introduce a profitable revenue stream, including:

  • A portfolio of thousands of fit-tested, high quality paint protection film patterns specifically for your vehicle brand.
  • An assigned account manager to assist with all your paint protection film program needs.
  • Extensive marketing materials to help maximize your penetration, including brochures, desktop displays and floor banners.
  • Certified Installers to help train your dealership’s bottom line on every vehicle landing on their lot.
  • An easy-to-use Clear Shield Paint Protection Film warranty process.
4Can the Paint Protection Film be put on new and pre-owned cars?

Yes. Professional grade Paint Protection Film can be applied to both new and used vehicles. Even a pre-owned vehicle is someone’s new car.

5What is the warranty for Clear Shield Paint Protection Films?

The comprehensive warranty for all of our Paint Protection Films is 5 years from the date of installation respectably, and covers against defects, yellowing, bubbling and cracking. We have a “no questions asked” type of warranty!

6What marketing support will I receive?

CSC Dealer Services provides your dealership with the tools you need to increase your bottom line, including sample kits. Your dealership will also have access to brochures, desktop displays and floor displays. CSC Representatives are available to help with inventory purchasing and arranging training for your dealership to install paint protection film.

7Is my staff responsible for the installations or do you provide a technician?

We assign a certified trained Install Technician and Dealer Coordinator to service your dealership Monday through Saturday.

8What areas are commonly protected?

Dealerships that partner with CSC Dealer Services have the option to have a tailored sell sheet specifically to the coverage offered at their dealership. The most common areas auto paint protection film is applied to are:

  • Door edges
  • Door handle cavities
  • Rear trunk ledges
  • Chip Guards (Partial hoods)
  • Touch Screens
  • Rocker panels